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Happy New year! And this is very well done for what you had to put into making all these characters and wanting to include so many for ...



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Okay so I planned this a while back when I made the journal thing about male/male and female/female pairings…so here is one of the issues I take in when it comes to pairings. No matter what I do not ship the incest pairing….now no matter how you look at it, no matter how you tell me…you can never convince me on shipping siblings together…or a parent and child, or anything that is considered incest. What is incest? Well it’s when basically two people are in love…but they are related, most well known cases are a brother and sister being in love with each other.

Yes I know…I did ship a few back then…such as WhoopsXBump, HoraceXRoba, but back then I didn’t know they were related. The shows NEVER said they were related so I just never knew….until I got the internet finally and looked up about the shows….and well at first I was one of those people who just pushed it down and denied it, or didn’t think much of it and just kept going with the ships.

Well it all changed as I got older and saw other ships of siblings mainly and just…over time it got so gross to me…this was fucking wrong! Mainly when it came to LorenzoXChet ship…that is when I think it all came crashing in and down on me…I mainly saw that pairing as a joke, and goofed with it since others were playing around on it. YES I know they are STEP brothers... but as many pointed out, by law if the step parent adopts the other child, by law they are now related. I can still kind of joke about the pairing and still see it happening or they would be cute if they were not STEP brothers…but also as the show went on and they became friends….they worked so much better as a cute brother duo and not a pairing. Reason why mainly people shipped them was because of how they hated each other over actually liking each other. (Also too I hate when people ship two characters just because they HATE each other…I mean there have been a few couples that can work like that, but if the show just has them hating each other and NO development on either of them….it just would not work out, but that’s a DIFFERENT subject)

Moving on to more reasons why I don’t ship incest pairings…

1-IT’S WRONG AND AGAINST THE LAW (in some places no, but mostly yeah it’s against the law) YES I KNOW THEY ARE CARTOONS WHO CARES!? Well….maybe the creators do? Like Gravity Falls, you think the creators of the brother and sister really want to see them fuck? Um….NO! Now if it is a more adult show, I can see them doing that for a joke or like a running gag, that’s fine in my case because the show is for adults, who understand it better and can get the joke (MadTV did that and it was pretty funny). Now for kid’s shows? NO! Come on, I know basically the internet ruined a lot of stuff, but I can’t see past shipping two RELATED characters or how some people are okay with it.

2-Some of the ships are underage from what I have seen…like ChetXLorenzo (I think they were 16 on the show I don’t remember), Gravity falls ship, etc. Don’t get me started on “Oh just draw them as adults”….that sh*t won’t work! Even if they are adults, it’s still wrong….it’s like when people say draw fetish art of underage characters, but make them adults then it’s okay, NO, it’s still not….it’s just some excuse people try to give to get off on some little kid character…

Overall honestly if you do ship incest, cartoon pairings…in the end I don’t really care…because they are just cartoons, it’s your life, whatever…why should I care? In the end I wanted to really explain why I just don’t like it…and maybe why some of you guys should maybe try to change, NOTE I am NOT forcing you, but hopefully one day you’ll look back and be like “WTF?” because that was me when it finally clicked into my head, lol.

Also to let you guys know, I don’t and won’t take suggestions for incest pairings or make anymore art of it…

But there is ONE LAST reason to why I gave up on this stuff….and it is TERRIBLE….

It’s called….Just Melvin Just Evil….

It’s a documentary about a family that sounds like it had some incest, and a lot of child molestation….it was just a painful thing hearing the girls talk about what they had to go through…the stuff this Melvin guy made them do…how they tried to kill themselves so many times…and how they are now. You can tell most of the girls are just kind of messed up in the head now all because of him… I actually would recommend it…it’s pretty powerful and informative about child abuse and just evil how some people can be. You can find it on youtube, it’s an hour long, but still even watching a few parts or minutes can be informative.


*SPOILER* in the end Melvin dies, the end credits are videos of his funeral. He did get arrested and sentenced to 14 years I think…but only served 8 of those years…dude should have gotten death….

Yes I know that is REAL life unlike cartoons…but just for me after watching it…I just can’t…I can’t ship siblings, I can’t ship underage characters…I just can’t…

So that is just my intake on this issue, please note I don’t judge you if you do have an incest ship (as long as it is cartoon, since I can kind of look past it, if it’s real people then no…you need to seek help)

This is just all me, and wanting to explain how I see the issue and maybe some of you will change, maybe some of you won’t, I don’t care…it’s your life not mine…

But yeah…this is why I no longer ship such pairings as CupheadXMugman (well I NEVER shipped it to begin with…but after seeing ship art of them…just ugh WHY!?!?!), HoraceXRoba, WhoopsXBump, LorenzoXChet…etc….

Hope you all can understand and have a good day!   


Well you know, you have Kirby Yarn, all cute and sweet with Kirby being adorable :3

Or you have Kirby fighting a GIANT eyeball that soon burst out and blood goes everywhere!

You know for kids ;3
Hey wanna know what my phone background is?

Snapchat-1703281684 by Chickie456I regret nothing smile 
Why I am now starting to dislike certain mr men characters I use to really like now? Like I just look at them are I just go "UGH!" I don't know if it's just from how popular they are among fans or if I'm just getting old of them and are now liking less popular characters on the show. (Mr grumpy and miss scary though are still okay, I still love them)
Okay i dont care how shitty these creepypastas were, they were my favorite ones when I was younger and got me into the more dark scary things when I finally got the internet at my home. Yes I know they are all fake and were terrible, but I found them pretty creepy and cool as a kid.

Squidward's suicide (my top favorite)
Dead Bart
Tails doll
Rap rat
Suicide mouse
Smile dog
Spongebob bootleg
Candle cove
Basically anything that could ruin your childhood, in my case it made the show even better for me....

(I mainly like all the least popular ones and hated the really popular ones)


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Hey Chickie!!
What do you think of this meme?…

I dunno if you could use one of the Kirby characters or my favorite Little Miss(It's Miss Whoops)..

Also, you can make a quick slide show and effects using your artwork and off Google Images!
OkamiRyuu1993 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the llama!:D
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Going good I just have to color it
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How the birthday gift coming?
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