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Freaking hell the next episode of Seinfeld is freaking "The HEART ATTACK" why is life haunting me?
I find it funny how my friends who are younger than me and know all the famous youtubers or youtubers drama and I am over here like "Who the heck is Leafy and that keemstar dude?"

But I watch the real Lazytown memes and Mr. Men show...that's all I need!
Not watching Maury cause breaking news of a mass shooting at airport....well 2017 sure is starting off well....

something tells me 2017 is going to be way worse than 2016 guys....everyone better start praying...
All I want to say is thank you to all those who have sent their sorrys and blessing to my family and I, don't worry I'll still be posting up on DA, I know my dad wants me to keep up with my art...he always loved my art... 
Also my dad died on one of my cousin's birthday...we also planned to see his family for the holidays today...but now well you know....welcome to hell...

Okay I just had the worst dream ever last night….just freaking really made me depressed today…cause it felt so freaking REAL, so REAL, and when realizing it was a dream, I cried a little…but forced myself to stop…

So the dream started off as me walking down the stairs of my house and walking into the living room and there he was….


My dad…. My dad was sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, laughing while my mom was sitting on the couch across from him, laughing as well, a big smile on her face and she seemed so happy and calm…


Me on the other hand was like “DAD!? What the heck! I thought you were dead!?” and he was like, “No, doctors got it wrong; I was just in a really deep sleep that happens sometimes…” Now of course I thought it was really weird since that never happened before, but f**king hell I took it! My dad was back, that’s all that mattered.

We were then in the kitchen, and my dad was just so happy to be back and to see my mom and me finally happy and relaxed.

He was goofing off and said, “I’m back!” and something else along the lines of that. He was looking right at me and smiled. It was just so nice having him back; he then walked out the kitchen door into the hall…



Then I woke up…….and literally wanted to jump out of bed, run downstairs and see him….I was so ready to do that to tell mom hey is dad here?….but I first made sure with myself that it was not a dream….and sadly I had to face the f**king truth….it was all a dream….


I kept telling myself it wasn’t….it couldn’t….have been, it felt too real…. I just wanted to cry after that, I hated myself for having that dream. I know some of you may say, it’s a sign, take it as a good dream, but I can’t….I really can’t… It was just too painful realizing it was all a dream.  


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MelaGirl Featured By Owner Edited 4 hours ago  Student Filmographer
Oh yeah, fun idea time!

After playing through Undertale, Mr. Messy started having continuous dreams that the game was playing out with him as Frisk and some of the other Dillydale residents as other characters in the game.

Lemme tell you who I got so far:
(Note: In his dreams, the residents go by their childhood names)
Mr. Messy/Aaron: Frisk
Miss Naughty/Elizabeth: Flowey
Miss Helpful/Sandy: Toriel
Mr. Quiet/Edd: Napstablook
Mr. Lazy/Eric: Sans
Mr. Tickle/Steven: Papyrus
Mr. Happy/Lucas: Dogamy
Miss Sunshine/Holly: Dogaressa
Mr. Funny/John: Lesser Dog
Mr. Tall/Arthur: Greater Dog
Miss Scary/Scarlett: Undyne
Mr. Stubborn/Nick: Mad Dummy
Miss Whoops/Winona: Alphys
Mr. Noisy/Tyler: Mettaton
Miss Bossy/Sarah: Muffet
Mr. Strong/Tom: Asgore
Mr. Bump/Trevor: Asriel.

What do you think?
Chickie456 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
That's freaking funny and cute X'D 
MelaGirl Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Filmographer
askKatyandfriends Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Chickie456 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Just DO IT! XD 
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