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Okay so I am not going to give out names, but a few days ago that hoverboard kid can over and was hanging out with my BFF and then I can out and we were goofing off

And soon other friends came out, and when they did, Hoverboard kid decided to act high around them and goof off which after a while got really freaking annoying since the other friends soon left and it was just him, my BFF, and I.

And soon one of the twins came out and more goofing off was going on. And so on through the night until like after 9 pm.

But before all that, back with hoverboard kid

Note he's freaking 14

And guess what

He had a condom on him........

I know some of you may say maybe he found it on the ground, but no my one friend did say the kid claimed to have gotten them from like this health center -_- I don't freaking know

He's fourteen, has no girlfriend (as of now I think I know he said he was dating this girl and all this crap)

But I'm sorry.....I mean look at me I'm 18 going 19 in a few days, and even I don't have a boyfriend, and I DON'T want one....that's just me though, I mean I could be dating, but I don't want to, yes I have had crushes and even now I have this one on this checkout boy who looks just like Arin from Game Grumps, who's freaking so sweet and his laugh is adorable! (Plus he has also graduated high school so you know.....maybe one day ;3; )

But I know all people are different, and I am not going to force myself into this and I could care less of it, but I don't know

HE’S FOURTEEN! He's still a kid......he has his WHOLE life ahead of him to worry about girls and dating.

Problem is it seems like such young kids feel like they just have to date or have a girlfriend or boyfriend, yes crushes are fine, it's natural to find a boy or girl cute, but I mean this boy wants to date, make out, kiss all that crap.

His parents are very caring and do be strict with him when needed, but I have a feeling they have no idea this is going on, he has to keep it all secret.

I don't know, sorry if it sounds like I'm getting to much into this or going on and on about this, but I know it's his life, he can do what ever he wants, but all I know is....if I told my dad he had a condom on him.....he would say stay the hell away from him o-o

Don't get me wrong he's a really nice kid, annoying at times yes, but he also just talks about dating and girls and all this daring drama at times it's like geez kid -_-

Truthfully I think he's making about over half of this up, maybe not who knows!?

But clearly I believe he tries to act cool or at least what others think is cool.....

Heck the twin said he's clearly a f*ckboy, which I have to agree with at some level.

Again he can be a really nice kid, other times he can be crazy or even get mean, I mean no one is perfect.

And note again I am not going to get involve with this, I'm just putting this out here, let the kid do what ever the hell he wants, if he messes up his life, well all I can say is I have tried to warn him......

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now I know who to add to my Pokemon team in my devianart account ;3
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